Rental Info


Instruments/outfits can be rented on a month-to-month basis (automatic bank draft) or on a quarterly basis (bank draft, credit/debit, personal checks, money order, or cash). The outfit includes the instrument, bow, case, and rosin. Our rentals are high quality student instruments that have been set up in our shop by local string professionals.


The price while renting includes a Maintenance and Liability Plan, our own built-in insurance. If something accidental happens to the instrument, such as a string breaking, then simply bring the instrument into our store for a repair. As a renter, you will accrue money each month for up to two full years (24 months). If you choose to purchase an instrument, this money can be used towards any instrument in our store and is not confined to the one with which you begin your rental. You do not have to make a purchase, however, and will continue to rent until you either return the instrument or contact us about your purchasing options.

Below is a chart containing our current prices for monthly and quarterly rental for our violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Simply fill out the top portion with your information.

Click here for a full copy of our rental agreement.